Medical transcription services

Clinicspectrum Inc. provides Quality Medical Transcription Services, integrated with electronic health records (EHR) ensuring the highest level of accuracy, privacy and security, to the U.S. Healthcare service providers. 

The Clinicspectrum Transcription Advantage:


  • Physicians / Healthcare providers dictations can be received from TOLL FREE (1-800) phone lines or Digital handheld recorders.
  • Multispecialty transcriptions covering all specialties.
  • Highest degree of service orientation with direct phone, internet chat based and email support.
  • EMR Integration, Independent technical team for Customization and Hybridization of EMR with dictations.
  • Electronic signature, Supports batch printing.
  • Electronic faxing and Emailing.
  • We offer over-the-weekend service for physicians with busy weekly schedules.
  • We aid you as your back up service when your employee / transcription vendor is on leave.
  • No limit to the number of dictations you do on a day. Alternately, you can choose to dictate on weekends.
  • We service all specialties and all types of reports.
  • Client Data Backup upto 3 years.


  • Homogeneous team, highly skilled and competent human resources with proven track record of accomplishments with research orientation.
  • Extensive audits for Quality Assurance.
  • Customized use of software programs to filter errors with stage wise checks.
  • Proactive spreadsheet based reporting tools used to maintain up-to-date dictation status. Strong MIS reporting.
  • Single team assigned on your transcription jobs ensuring minimal errors and optimal output.


  • Our technical team can interface transcription reports in HL7 format to any EHR system.
  • We have successfully integrated our transcribed documents with more than 42 EHR products and RIS systems.


  • 24x7 delivery.
  • 4-hours STAT turnaround.
  • 12-hours Standard turnaround.
  • Weekend services available.
  • We also work as Backup vendor to your regular vendor.
  • Free web based portal, Any time, anywhere access.
  • Delivery of Transcription Reports by Web-based portal, Email, FTP & FAX.
  • Auto downloading of reports to your PC.
  • Report copies sent to Referring Physicians automatically.
  • Dedicated Client Servicing Team, 24 hour Extensive - Online & Tele Support.


  • Electronic Security, HIPAA compliant, Confidentiality.
  • Dedicated Efforts on protecting PHI (patient health information) Security & Confidentiality.
  • Employees sign HIPAA, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Legal bond, Appointment letter, CCTV Cameras, Finger punch based security.


  • Cost Effective – 100% Template discounts for standard lines and paragraphs.
  • Competitive pricing per line/ per page / per Report for Standard Service.


  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure, with Quadcore PCs, Flat screen monitors, Wifi connectivity, Multiple internet connectivity on Fibre optic cable and Radio Frequency with multiple ISPs; Reliable power backups.
  • Highly experienced Medical Transcription services provider since A.D.2000.