Our philosophy


A Company that offers indigenously developed cutting edge technology, as also, capable of operating diverse medical software diligently. A company that creates and develops an unlimited talent pool capable of delivering all medical back-office services with utmost efficiency and productivity, outliving geographical boundaries swiftly and transparently, all under one umbrella.


To provide a Healthcare back office solutions seeker (medical practice, physician, Clinic, Hospital, medical billing company) robust and consistent medical practice administration and management solutions (Health IT, RCM, E-HR, medical records) with highest quality assurance, lowest turnaround time at very affordable prices, delivered most transparently and efficiently.


Due to a robust culture of integrity, learning, hard-work, due diligence and client servicing, we have grown as a respectable outsourcing partner with extensive domain expertise and advanced outsourcing processes and technologies.


Due to rising costs for all billing companies, healthcare providers and reduced insurance reimbursement rates offices should not burden their staff with tasks that can be performed by our team for a lesser fee along with better results. We use the strictest auditing methods to insure optimal outcomes for our clients and always guarantee confidentiality.