Scanning & indexing

We offer medical records indexing services to Healthcare clients. We index various medical records to Electronic Medical Records(EMR) system. Indexing of medical records is an important function since it includes storage of data such as the patient's demographic and treatment details together in one place, categorically and systematically. This helps physicians and other medical staff access all the information quickly and easily.

Documents scanned in at the doctor's office are categorically filed into the patient charts as per the requirements of the clinic. Clinical Reports will be given a time and date stamp to allow for more organized indexing. Other types of images which can be filed include Insurance card scans, inbound faxes, and hand written medical notes. 

We specialize in making Index of medical records such as medical charts, doctors notes, Insurance bills EOB, ERAS, Superbills, Attorney letters, consent letters, etc. pls check below:

 SN Folder name Description
 1 Patient Registration Registration forms the patient fills out including demographics from another office and referrals. Including copy of patient ID and insurance card.
 2 MRI or Xray Any MRI / Xray reports; Include MRI / Xray body part.
 3 Med Release info Signed patient HIPPA forms
 4 Claim Denial Insurance company claim denial forms (stated on top of page).
 5 Attorney Letter Any letters from attorneys
 6 Records Request Any medical records requests by lawyers, doctors, etc. Also any medical records that have been sent.
 7 Completed Disability Completed disability forms
 8 Superbills (date range) Superbills for patient office visits
 9 OPERATIVE Report (Type of surgery) Surgery operative report indicating surgery performed. Includes OP photos, surgical booking sheet and surgical billing sheet.
 10 Office Visits (OVs) All of doctor's office visits (in chronological order)
 11 Post Operational Visits All of doctor's post operational visits
 12 Rx Scripts Prescriptions for the patient.
 13 EOB :- Explanation of benefits These are from patients' insurance company/checks.
 14 PT/Cardio/r Neuro or etc. Consult Another Specialist's office visits.
 15 Medical Clearance Medical clearance paperwork from hospitals or doctors office.
 16 Patient Letter Any letters for the patient written by the doctor.
 17 Hospital records Any hospital records (including registration, labs, tests, visits)
 18 NF-3 AOB No fault benefits Assignment of Benefits paper This is sometimes found separate from the patient registration.
 19 Misc - (title of document) Other types of paperwork not listed above.

It is mandatory to hold medical records for atleast seven years. Maintaining and collating hard copies require a lot of storage place and human efforts. Keeping at a single location is further time consuming and complex. Our indigenous IT solutions and medical terminology based skilled and efficient resources adept to the most complex office automation scenario, reducing your cost and highly improve the documents retrieval score.